Meet Your Arborists

Our crews trim trees along 150 to 200 miles of line each year in addition to responding to hundreds of tree trimming or removal requests from our members. You may see one of our friendly arborist planners in your yard or neighborhood inspecting the power lines and trees to determine where trimming is needed.


Amanda Opp | Right of Way Supervisor

I really enjoy working with our members and try to be as fair and balanced as possible while still ensuring reliability for our 55,000 + members.  I love, live, laugh, speak and work with my whole heart.  I believe that I can make a difference in someone’s day and in my work by being positive and keeping my ‘glass half full’ mentality.  I really apply this to my daily interactions with Co-op members.  I care deeply about the people and listen to the concerns of our members.  I try to make balanced decisions that serve the interest of all of our members and for future generations.


Todd Weigum | Journeyman Tree Trimmer Foreman

I have always loved working with trees. It has been in my blood from a very young age. Maintaining Flathead Electric’s right-of-way is challenging, but very rewarding.  I enjoy doing my part to ensure our members’ power reliability.


Chad Bessette | Journeyman Tree Trimmer

I am a Flathead valley native with 19 years at the coop in three different positions; meter reader, a Distribution Line Designer, and a Journeyman Tree Trimmer.
I enjoy time spent with family and friends outdoors whether hiking, skiing, or spending time at the lake.
I enjoy the new challenges the job presents everyday. Meeting members and providing safety for the public as well as protecting our system from future outages.


Joel Rasmussen | Journeyman Tree Trimmer

As a member of the vegetation management crew, I look forward every day to help keep power reliable while also working with members. I also enjoy the day to day challenges of tree work and the opportunity to work outside.


Rylan Smith | Journeyman Tree Trimmer

I grew up in the woods on a plot of land where my parents built a home and raised a family. We had trees in our yard dating back generations which have always inspired me. I have a long history as a tree care specialist, from hi-line logging to wildland fires, residential to utility arboriculture. Now with a family of my own, I look at those same aspirations and appeal for the great outdoors in my son that I have.


Celesta Collacchi | Right of Way Administrator

I have always been concerned for the environment and the world we leave behind. Becoming a forester was my way to ensure proper land management by acquiring as much education and experience I can in different aspects of forestry. I have worked for private tree companies evaluating tree health and maintenance of city trees throughout the West. I enjoy Utility Forestry because it combines tree health, educating members, and hardening the electrical system to ensure safety and reliability. I love feeling that what I do really matters as these trees are often overlooked and are a part of peoples’ home.