FEC’s Scheduled Tree Maintenance

System Trim

We are committed to providing safe, reliable energy, which includes trimming trees near our power lines. Flathead Electric’s Vegetation Management Program has important impacts. First, because trees are the cause the majority of our outages and second, trees are a very important part of the natural beauty of our valley.

System Trim Program

Trees interfering with electric utility lines or equipment are pruned or removed on a rotating schedule (our entire system is on approximately a ten-year cycle). To protect the 1,700 miles of overhead line, crews have a big job to do, trimming trees along 150 to 200 miles of line each year. This is in addition to responding to hundreds of tree trimming or removal requests from our members each year.

Trees growing near and into power lines can create public safety hazards, start fires and cause power outages. FEC’s tree trimming program is an industry best practice designed to prevent dangerous situations and ensure electric reliability.

We understand our members value trees as does FEC. These same members, however, also rely on FEC to provide reliable power – in good weather and in bad. That’s why our tree care experts work to find a balance between reliable power and healthy trees. We are committed to working collaboratively with you to address any concerns before tree work begins.

When and where are upcoming system trims scheduled?

Planned system trim areas in 2021 include parts of Marion, Woods Bay and finishing up the last 30 miles of line in Libby (mostly southern portions of Libby and areas off Highway 37 and moving in toward city limits).

Click on the maps below to see specific areas that are scheduled to be trimmed during 2021: