Tips & Resources

Outdoor Safety Tips:

  • Never touch a power line! Report downed power lines immediately
  • Don’t put signs or advertisements on power poles – they are a hazard and reduce the life of the pole
  • Be careful not to touch overhead power lines with ladders, TV antennas or other equipment
  • Never retrieve balls or other objects from substations – high-voltage equipment is very dangerous

Indoor Safety Tips:

  • Always replace damaged cords
  • Never use electrical appliances in wet areas
  • Pull on the plug, not the cord, to unplug an appliance
  • Don’t overload outlets with too many appliances
  • Unplug extension cords if not in use
  • Use the correct wattage for light bulbs. Higher than recommended wattages can overheat and lead to fire
  • Safety Programs for Schools and Civic Organizations

Flathead Electric will provide electrical safety programs to schools, civic organizations, and those involved in emergency services upon request. The Cooperative also has a continuing public education program. Information about electrical safety, environmental protection and utility careers is available.  Call 406-751-4400 for more information

Educational links for educators and students:

Life Support

Life Support Equipment – If someone in your home is dependent on life-support equipment, do not wait until an outage to notify us – Call us NOW @406-751-4483. We will give these residences priority when services are reconnected. The Cooperative suggests that you have a stand-by generator available as a precautionary measure.

Radio Help

Radio Help is a community service program designed to increase public awareness that radio-equipped Cooperative vehicles can provide an instant link between emergency assistance and the scene of an accident, fire, or life threatening situation. Radio-equipped vehicles all display a Radio Help decal. All our employees are part of a community wide effort to help make our neighborhoods safe. If our crews see something suspicious, they will report it to our office which will in turn prompt a call to the local authorities.

Call Before You Dig

Underground line locations-If you are doing any excavation, you need to locate underground lines before you dig. Those lines will be located free of charge during normal working hours. Two working days notice is required for this service. Call 755-UDIG 755-8344. Or visit Montana

Tree Trimming

If you have a tree(s) growing near or into our primary high voltage power lines, we will come out and trim or cut the tree(s) free of charge.

Standby Generators

Important safety information about the installation and usage of standby generators.

Roundup For Safety

“Roundup for Safety”- This program rounds your monthly bill up to the nearest dollar. A separate Board of Directors uses these funds to promote public safety projects.