Roundup for Safety grant will help medical patients

A $10,000 Roundup for Safety grant will provide the Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD) in Libby with new and safer parking. Board President Donna Williams says the current parking lot has a treacherous slope.

“We’ve had patients and staff members fall in the parking lot this past winter because the slope is dangerous and the lot is so small and tight, it’s hard to effectively plow it out. Those who park in the current parking lot have to back out onto the street when leaving.”

Williams says the people who will benefit most from the grant are patients who have handicapped accessible needs or are carrying an oxygen tank or other cumbersome equipment.

In addition to the Center for Asbestos Related Disease, Flathead Electric Cooperative’s Roundup for Safety Board also awarded grants for the following safety related community projects, bringing the total awarded at the August meeting to $20,800:

Early Childhood Center – $2,800 for rubber mulch for the playground;

Blankenship Rural Fire District – $2,000 for two AEDs; and                                    

Evergreen Community Partners, Inc. – $6,000 for fencing for ball fields.

Roundup for Safety is a voluntary program for Flathead Electric Cooperative members who allow their electric bills to be rounded up to the next dollar, with the extra money going into a fund for community nonprofit safety projects. The Co-op is grateful to all who participate in enhancing the safety of our community. For additional information about the program, call Wendy Ostrom Price at 406-751-1820 or visit