Roundup for Safety grant will benefit Columbia Falls athletes and visitors alike

A $10,000 Roundup for Safety grant will help provide safety fencing at the Columbia Falls High School soccer fields. In his application, Athletic Director Troy Bowman said that a fence around the complex will keep balls from going into parking lots where players and spectators are at risk of being hit by cars or slipping on the sometimes icy pavement.

“Numerous balls are tracked down by ballboys/girls during games and practices and countless young children during summer camps and tournaments. Many vehicles, including buses, are continuously moving through the parking lots creating a safety hazard for the public in attempting to retrieve balls that have been kicked out of play. A permanent fence will keep most, if not all balls from leaving the complex and entering into the adjacent parking areas.Thank you Roundup for Safety!”

In addition to the funds awarded to the Columbia Falls High School, Flathead Electric Cooperative’s Roundup for Safety Board awarded grants for the following safety related community projects, bringing the total awarded at the December 13 meeting to $28,834:

Fairmont-Egan School District #3 – $10,000 for a security system and safety cameras;

Calvary Lutheran Church – $1,689 for fire doors;

Flathead and Glacier High Schools – $2,650 for portable vacuum splints and an AED;

Dream Adaptive Recreation – $3,000 for background screenings of potential volunteers;

Whitefish School District #44-$1,495 for an emergency evacuation chair.

Roundup for Safety is a voluntary program for Flathead Electric Cooperative members who allow their electric bills to be rounded up to the next dollar, with the extra money going into a fund for community nonprofit safety projects. The Co-op is grateful to all who participate in enhancing the safety of our community. For additional information about the program, call Wendy Ostrom Price at 406-751-1820 or visit