Roundup for Safety grant to help with water rescues

A $5,000 Roundup for Safety grant to David Thompson Search & Rescue (DTSAR) in Libby, will provide dry suits and wet gear duffle bags for the Boat/Swift Water Unit that responds to water- based incidents on rivers and lakes. Rescue swimmers respond to incidents where swift water is involved in all seasons and can encounter ice or water temperatures of 34’F during the cold months. Crews say high quality full body dry suits are integral to their safety and rescue operations.

In addition to the Search and Rescue grant, Flathead Electric Cooperative’s Roundup for Safety Board also awarded grants for the following safety related community projects, bringing the total awarded at the February meeting to $10,160:

Hope Pregnancy Ministries – $160 for door locks, and

Klothes Kloset Thrift Store- $5,000 towards parking lot pavement.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Roundup for Safety is a voluntary program for Flathead Electric Cooperative members who allow their electric bills to be rounded up to the next dollar, with the extra money going into a fund for community nonprofit safety projects. The Co-op is grateful to all who participate in enhancing the safety of our community. For additional information about the program, call Wendy Ostrom Price at 406-751-1820 or visit