Renewable Energy Program

What Price Would You Put on Our World’s Environment? $5 Buys More Than You Might Think.

You Are Invited to Participate in Flathead Electric’s Renewable Energy Program.

Flathead Electric Cooperative members are more concerned than ever about the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and their environmental impact. Exploring new and innovative solutions to FEC’s already environmentally responsible hydropower supply is a priority we take seriously. Our members have asked us what more they can do. FEC proudly presents a $5 option.

For only $5 extra a month, you have a choice to demonstrate your personal commitment to a cleaner environment. $5 a month provides you with an opportunity to help purchase renewable energy credits from Basin Electric Cooperative in North Dakota.

Basin receives this renewable energy from wind farms in the Dakota’s and Minnesota. By supporting these alternative renewable energy options, you can make a difference by displacing less environmentally friendly power generation.

Contributing to Flathead Electric’s Renewable Energy program for a year has the equivalent impact on the environment of planting nearly 500 trees per year or not driving your car for over two years! So, $5 does buy you more than you might think! Signing up is easy, just fill in and submit the form below. If you have any further questions feel free to call us at 406-751-4483. (Environmental impact figures may vary based on the user and are approximate.)

Renewable Energy Program

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