Applying For Service

Applying for service from Flathead Electric Cooperative, Inc. is easy.

  1. Fill out a membership application form. Forms are available from our offices in Kalispell or Libby. Our Kalispell office is located at 2510 US Highway 2 East. Our Libby office is located at 121 West Fourth Street.
  2. Call us at 406-751-4483 in Kalispell or 406-293-7122 in Libby, or toll-free at 800.735.8489 and we will mail or fax you an application.
  3. Once the application is completed, you may return it to our Member Service Department in person, or fax: to 406-756-3029 in Kalispell or 406-293-3821 in Libby.
  4. You may also apply right here by completing the Residential online application for service form below. All utilities, including Flathead Electric, are mandated by the federal government to require a credit check through your social security number. This credit check will determine if a minimum advance payment of $150 is required. we will refund your advance payment after one full year of good payment history or when you leave our service territory.

When You Move

You should notify us before moving. Let us know the date you are moving so that our automated meter readings system can take a final reading. We will need a forwarding address where we can send your final bill.