Record-setting year for commercial lighting rebates

Flathead Electric Co-op completed 160 different commercial lighting rebate projects in 2016, with member rebates totaling over $726,700, and four million kilowatt hours in annual energy savings.

When certain fixtures and/or bulbs are replaced with more efficient ones, business members of the Co-op may be eligible for a rebate that helps offset the cost of the change-out.

The dollar amount of rebates varies depending on allocation from the Bonneville Power Administration, which sponsors the program. But Mike Stahlberg, FEC Energy Services Representative, says it will continue to be worthwhile for members.

“I haven’t met a participant yet who regrets conducting the upgrades, except maybe that they wish they’d done it sooner,” he said.

Stahlberg says he also appreciates all of the local contractors and suppliers who promote lighting retrofits and other energy efficiency programs offered by Flathead Electric.

Since implementation in 2005, nearly 1,500 commercial lighting rebate projects have been completed. For more information, contact Mike Stahlberg at 751-1876.