April 2021 Light Reading Newsletter


…use, but how and when you use it over the course of a month. For instance, you can use energy during peak hours and not incur a large demand charge…

Duct Sealing Program


…you: Have a manufactured home with an electric furnace or an air source heat pump.* Have your ductwork in an unconditioned space. Use an installer from our approved installer list….

Line Voltage Thermostat Rebate Form


…pre-installation and two years post-installation. The selection, purchase, and installation of the energy efficiency measured (EEM) shall be the sole responsibility of the Owner(s). The Owner(s) must rely on the…

July 2018 LightREADING Newsletter


…For instance, the Co-op provided an outage map that members could view on the FEC website indicating where outages were occurring, when they began, and how many members were being…

Flathead Attaining Renewables Together


installed state of the art Vacuum Assisted Personal Extraction Receptacles (V.A.P.E.R.’s) at both our Kalispell and Libby offices. At their convenience, our members can stop by the office where the…

April 2018 LightREADING Newsletter


…into FEC for a rebate on windows she had installed by an out of the area business. It turns out the cost was triple that of a local vendor, and…

Power Restoration 101


…an important purpose. For instance, despite our best efforts to keep trees near our lines trimmed on a regular basis, strong winds can cause those trees to make contact with…