July 2020 Light Reading Newsletter


…#2 (which includes Creston, Lower Valley, Somers, Lakeside, Rollins, and Cooke City) chose Housel (from the 10 members who submitted applications) to recommend as Trustee, which the board then approved….

Start Service


…to payments, bylaws, electrical compliance, property access, cooperative equipment, and credit reports. The undersigned (hereinafter called the “Applicant”) applies for membership in and agrees to purchase electric energy as its…

Other Items


…service rate class. However, if the outbuilding will be used for commercial or multifamily purposes, (e.g. a professional shop, dairy barn, multifamily/community well), you will have additional requirements, including manual…

March 2021 Light Reading Newsletter


…when there is limited access for Co-op crews to complete the OH installation, for safety regulations (clearances from signs, buildings, pedestrian traffic, etc.), and when state permits require it. Besides…

Social Distancing Scholarship Giveaway


…school students are stuck at home, taking online classes, and practicing their social distancing, they will have a chance to put their name in the hat for the random scholarship…

Updated Bill Explanation


…which include metering, member service, universal system benefits, taxes, system maintenance, and minimum system costs. 20Your total electrical charges for this billing cycle. 21This section includes miscellaneous charges and credits…

Flex Pay: Terms of Service


…New Year’s day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day, the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas day. As a Flex Pay participant: I will no longer receive a printed…

Earth Day Tree Giveaway


…already signed up for paperless billing, you’re automatically entered into the drawing.) The winning member will receive a mature tree, delivered to and planted in the location of their choice…



…people formed cooperatives for electrical and telephone service, farming, banking, housing, childcare, health care, food retailing and other goods and services, trusting cooperatives to help them find solutions. The nation…

September 2020 Light Reading Newsletter


completely dead. The bottom-line, Jordan says, is if it’s not dead and you touch it, you will be dead (or severely injured). If you see a downed power line, please…