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Engineers, Architects & Contractors

Resources For your convenience, Flathead Electric has developed the following list of resources to assist with program procedures and documentation for our energy efficiency incentive programs. Bonneville Power Administration Energy Efficiency Web Page Bonneville Power Administration Implementation Manual Montana Energy Code Summary (International Code Council: International Energy Conservation Code 2009). Adopted 3/26/2010. EnergyStar Website Consortium for […]

Heat Pump Water Heaters

As your trusted cooperative, we have evaluated this new technology and found it to be the most efficient water heater upgrade available. Plus, after the rebate and tax credit a heat pump water heater could pay for itself in under a year. Heat pump water heaters are designed to fit into the same locations as […]

How to Start a Work Order

Getting Started Process/Scheduling What to Expect from your On-Site Meeting Getting Started The purpose of this section is to supply members and member contractors with a general outline of Flathead Electric Cooperative’s (FEC’s) work order process. The work order process is a flow of information that begins with a request for electrical service and ends […]

Window & Door Replacements

Window and exterior door upgrades may qualify for a rebate. Contact us or submit the form below before starting the project to determine eligibility. Do I Qualify for a Rebate? If you have a house with electric heat as your primary heat, and you are replacing one of the following types of windows, sliding glass […]

Systems for Your Home or Business

Distributed Generation – What Is It? Distributed generation refers to any electric power supply that is connected to the distribution grid but doesn’t come directly from the grid. Some examples of distributed generation are solar panels on your home, windmills, battery backups, or on-site backup generators. These are all ways you can supplement your energy […]

Window Replacement Steps

Process Submit a pre-approval form and contact Flathead Electric Cooperative (FEC) for an inspection: (406) 751-5291 Determine what windows you are going to order. The new windows must have a U factor of 0.30 or lower (0.29, 0.28, etc). Provide FEC with a copy of the proposed order sheet showing size of windows and specifications […]

Glossary of Terms

clearance. An obstruction-free distance between two objects. COMCO. Communication company. Overhead cable television and telephone company wires are commonly referred to as COMCO wires. common ground point. The conductor used to connect the grounding electrode to the equipment grounding conductor and/or to the grounded conductor of the circuit at the service. conduit. A listed or […]