June 2017 LightREADING Newsletter


…support helps them meet their educational goals. A total of $77,000 has been awarded this year to students in our service territory. Awardees include: Karl Dirham (Non-traditional) Tucker Duffy (GHS)…

January 2021 Light Reading Newsletter


…me to connect with members who are industrial, commercial and/or residential. Q. What’s the best thing about working here? A. The best thing is when you are in a conversation…

May 2021 Light Reading Newsletter


…materials designed to save you money and energy (like LED bulbs, energy saving power strips, and high efficiency shower heads). Don Newton, FEC’s Energy Services Supervisor, says the program not…

Become an Approved Installer


To help us assure our residential members receive a quality installation with good customer service, we maintain a list of approved installers. What We Require: Install eligible equipment to FEC…

Power Restoration 101


…by animals. Squirrels are the usual suspects, but other animals cause interference as well. Why does my power sometimes blink? A “blink” (a brief momentary interruption in service) is a…

Member Survey


…electric bill credits. Flathead Electric Cooperative encourages members to participate in the survey as your feedback is very important in helping us provide the best possible service to all members….