October 2017 LightREADING Newsletter


…to underground power lines, vandalism, etc. 530 were caused by animals. Squirrels are the usual suspects, but other animals cause interference as well. Q. Why does my power sometimes blink?…

December 2020 Light Reading Newsletter


…you had a super-power, what would it be? A. Boy, I wish I had the ability for a superpower, because if I did, I would wipe away the coronavirus from…

February 2020 LightREADING Newsletter


…well, however, and our members deserve to know what those challenges are. First and foremost are the threats to hydropower, which not only is our primary source of energy, but…

July 2017 LightREADING Newsletter


…different freezers, which were not only inefficient with regards to energy, but also expensive to maintain. “We’ve actually increased our space, and we’re still saving money each month,” says Plummer….

January 2019 LightREADING Newsletter


communities. John Goroski, Lt. Commander of the Posse and also FEC’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, says he was completely surprised by the donation. “I had no idea the Co-op had…

August 2021 Light Reading Newsletter


…shortages during times of peak energy use. Weather is always a risk factor; however, summer storms – with their combination of hot, dry, and windy weather – magnify the risk…