Oven / Range


…primarily on radiation from the oven walls, and to a lesser extent, on natural convection caused by temperature differences within the oven, to transfer heat to food. In contrast, the…

Great Energy Habits


…a habit to shut off lights, computers and other appliances when you’re not using them. Switch to LED bulbs. LEDs put out the same light as traditional bulbs, but they…

Water Heating: Energy Efficiency Measures


…consumption for washing clothes comes from heating the water. Utilize cold water with a cold water detergent to get your clothes just as clean and save. Besides, they’ll fade less…

May 2017 LightREADING Newsletter


…he says. “We need to look at other power sources to supply growth on our distribution system, but for the foreseeable future, we will continue to buy hydropower from BPA….

Renewable Energy Program


…your car for over two years! So, $5 does buy you more than you might think! Signing up is easy, just fill in and submit the form below. If you…