What To Do During an Outage

Keep lines open for all members affected by the outage. We know that being without power is inconvenient and frustrating, and we assure you that one call is all you need to make. FEC will work around the clock, if necessary, to restore your service as quickly as possible.

While the electricity is off, keep the refrigerator and freezer closed. Food can keep for at least 24 hours in these appliances. If the outage should ever last longer than that, arrange to store your food at another location. Unplug any major appliances (TV, microwave, etc.) to make sure there isn’t any damage when the power is restored.

Safety First

Never, ever touch a downed power line or go near one.

  • Power lines are not insulated like power cords.
  • Always assume the power line is live.
  • Don’t touch a fallen power line or anything touching the wire.
  • Do not touch anything or anyone in contact with a fallen power line or other equipment.

Life Support Equipment

If someone in your home is dependent on life-support equipment, do not wait until an outage to notify us– CALL US NOW – at 406-751-4483 . We will give these residences priority when services are reconnected. The Co-op suggests that you have a stand-by generator available as a precautionary measure (follow safe standby generator procedures).

Be Prepared

In order to be prepared for an unexpected outage, we suggest keep flashlights or candles readily available for immediate needs. Members who live in more remote areas may want to make additional provisions.

Standby Generators

We understand the convenience of having a backup system. Having a standby generator can save you, your family or your facility, from having to experience occasional power outages from increment weather and it offers a certain sense of extra security.  However, if installed improperly, your standby generator, even small portable generators, can threaten your safety and the safety of your cooperative and our lineman working on the electrical system. Visit standby generator procedures for information on safe installation procedures.