Flathead Electric Cooperative (FEC) Bylaws

The following bylaws pertain to the residential electric service for new construction. The full text of FEC’s bylaws is available by request or on our Bylaws page.

FEC Bylaw Article IV – Rights and Responsibilities of Members

FEC New Member Agreement Language

All new FEC members agree to the terms of service listed in our Application for Electric Service and Membership (referenced below) related to payments, bylaws, electrical compliance, property access, cooperative equipment, and credit reports.

The Applicant applies for membership in and agrees to purchase electric energy as its sole third-party provider from Flathead Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Cooperative), upon the following terms and conditions:

  1. Applicant will purchase, from the Cooperative, electric energy for the premises described below and will pay promptly upon receipt all charges for such energy and services of the Cooperative based upon rates set by the Board of Trustees.
  2. Applicant will comply with and be bound by the Cooperative’s Articles of Conversion, Bylaws, and rules adopted from time to time by the Board of Trustees.
  3. Applicant will cause their property to be wired in compliance with all applicable national, state, and local electrical specifications and codes, as well as Flathead Electric’s Service Requirements Guide.
  4. Cooperative employees or agents shall be permitted reasonable access to Applicant’s property to install, remove, inspect, or maintain wiring and other equipment related to its electrical service and to cut and trim trees and shrubbery as necessary to keep them clear of Cooperative lines and equipment.
  5. Applicant grants the Cooperative the right to extend or relocate, along property boundaries or existing roadways, any Cooperative facilities or equipment reasonably necessary to provide electric service to its members.
  6. Applicant agrees to protect the equipment of the Cooperative, install and maintain any protective device and follow procedures required by the Cooperative.
  7. Applicant will maintain current points of contact with Flathead Electric Cooperative, Inc. that will be active at all times, every day of the year, and grants the Cooperative the right to make automatic notifications as is necessary for business purposes.
  8. Applicant understands that the information provided may be used to access credit reports.

Upon acceptance of this application by the Cooperative and its agreement to provide electric energy and services, this application shall become a contractual agreement binding on both the Cooperative and Applicant.

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