Experience, vision, and dedication to insure our future.

Gary Boe is the current President of the Board of Trustees for Flathead Electric Cooperative, Montana’s largest electric cooperative serving over 57,000 members in Northwest Montana. With an extensive background in insurance and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by electric cooperatives, Gary is committed to ensuring sound insurance practices and affordable coverage options for our industry.

My mission is to keep insurance affordable, advocate for the unique needs of electric cooperatives, and expand wildfire coverage. Together, we can secure a bright and secure future for our cooperatives and the communities we serve. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Gary Boe

Why Support Gary Boe?

Gary brings a wealth of experience in the insurance industry. He understands the critical role insurance plays in the operations of electric cooperatives. Gary is knowledgeable about Flathead Electric Cooperative’s lines of coverage through Federated and actively stays informed of Federated’s resources and current events. His past industry experience includes:

Additional Credentials and Experience

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Getting to Know Gary

Gary was raised on a ranch in Big Timber and has a deep-rooted understanding of the cooperative business model, influenced by his family background. His connection to cooperative values can be traced back to his Norwegian immigrant grandparents, who ventured to Montana and established their homesteads. His family’s bond with their Norwegian cousins remains strong, with some of them actively contributing to electric cooperatives in Norway. One cousin serves as an IT manager, while another relative holds a board of trustees position. Through these family ties and shared experiences, Gary’s commitment to cooperative principles has been further nurtured, fueling his drive to bring positive change to our industry.

Those who have worked professionally with Gary will tell you that his congenial personality will foster positive relationships and help create an environment for productive discussions and effective decision-making.


Gary Weins

Montana Electric Cooperatives’ Association offers their full endorsement to Gary Boe as the Region 9 Director candidate. Gary’s unwavering commitment to our industry and his extensive knowledge of both insurance and electric cooperatives make him an outstanding choice. His leadership and dedication have consistently impressed us. I encourage all members to stand behind Gary Boe, a candidate who truly embodies the values and principles of electric cooperatives.

Gary Wiens / CEO, Montana Electric Cooperatives’ Association

As a trustee, Gary advocates for fiscal conservatism, low electric rates, and ensuring that Flathead Electric keeps up with changes in technology. His extensive insurance background has been valuable to our board, and would further contribute to our industry at Federated Rural Electric Exchange. It is with great pleasure that I ask for your vote for Gary Boe.

Mark Johnson / General Manager, Flathead Electric Cooperative