Habitat for Humanity earns incentive check

Habitat 2018 Big Check
David Bopp, Bob Helder and Steve Taraglino

Flathead Electric Co-op (FEC) today, presented Habitat for Humanity with a check for $11,000, in a transaction made possible through an energy efficiency incentive program sponsored by the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).

FEC energy services representative, David Bopp, worked with Habitat construction site manager, Steve Tartaglino, on energy-saving efforts at five homes recently completed by the nonprofit organization. Bopp says the homes far exceed the standards of energy efficiency, and are constructed for low maintenance and high durability.

“Habitat homes go above and beyond typical building practices,” he says. “These homes exceed the norm in terms of energy efficiency and so are cost effective in the long run, as well as having a higher level of comfort.” Tartaglino says they only have one chance to do it right, and that’s from the beginning.

“Each home we build meets Flathead Electric’s Montana Home standards for insulation, air sealing and windows,” he says, “and all are equipped with energy efficient heat pumps, so we are able to take full advantage of the Co-op’s rebates and incentive programs.”

In presenting the check to Tartaglino and Habitat executive director, Bob Helder, Bopp noted that Habitat has long partnered with Flathead Electric (to date they have built 55 homes in the Flathead Valley) to help the Co-op meet its objectives.

“Our goal is to encourage other members to invest in technologies that will help them achieve energy efficiencies and reduce costs,” Bopp says. “We consider these projects to be a great example of what can be accomplished, because Habitat doesn’t just build homes, it builds neighborhoods as well, and that’s a big positive for any community.”