Is this a way for the Cooperative to collect more money?

No. In fact, the Board also approved a 0% rate increase for all rate classes for the coming year. As a not-for-profit Co-op, FEC’s goal is to collect their costs most equitably from our members. This rate structure change is revenue neutral – meaning the Co-op isn’t collecting any more money, we’re just slightly changing the way we collect it from members to ensure that the people who have a higher demand on the system during peak hours are billed for that demand, and those with a lower demand pay less.  Respectively, the amount you are billed for each kilowatt hour (kWh) you consume (FEC’s traditional energy charge) will be decreasing by 1.2% for block 1, 1.9% for block 2 and 3.1% for block 3.

Think of the total amount of FEC’s residential rates collected as a pie. Since there is a 0% overall rate increase, the pie isn’t getting any larger; the slices within the pie are just changing shape.