How does the Program work?

Flathead Electric Co-op builds a solar array and then allows members to purchase a panel. Each month participating members will receive a credit for the amount of electricity generated by their panel. At the end of the contract time period, which FEC expects to be through 2043, the ownership of the panel reverts back to Flathead Electric Cooperative.

Please note that all financial projections set forth herein are merely Flathead Electric’s best estimate, under current law, of the financial consequences of a member’s purchase of solar units. Many things could cause the financial results to differ from and to be materially less than, those described herein, including but not limited to a change in either federal or state law, a failure of the technology, FEC’s decision, in its discretion, to terminate the project prior to the end of its anticipated life, or other factors. FEC is providing this information so that each member may make a more informed decision with respect to participation in the project, but FEC does not warrant that the financial results of participation will be as described herein, and expressly disclaims any such warranty.