How can I better prepare for power outages in the future?

As hard as we work to keep power reliable, storms and power outages are a reality here. Having a backup plan in place should also be a reality for those of us who live here.   Use this checklist to make sure you’re prepared:  Do you need a generator? Do you have extra water? Do you […]

Why don’t you have more linemen for major storm events?

Increasing our specialized workforce to prepare for rare but large events would be cost-prohibitive because the majority of the time when we’re not responding to major outage situations, we would be paying for more employees than we need. Instead, to help keep rates low, we have mutual aid agreements allowing us to bring in reinforcements when needed. FEC […]

Why isn’t anyone answering the phone when I call the dispatch center?

Please note that this line is not answered during major events as our dispatchers prioritize 911 calls and crew assignments. You will be transferred into our automated system to report your outage.  (We have a team on staff 24/7 to assist our members with power outages.)  Please keep phone lines open for all members affected […]

Why don’t you trim all the trees around the power lines?

The majority of our power outages are weather and tree-related. That’s one of the unfortunate realities of living in this beautiful (and heavily treed) area of Northwest Montana. Because of this, Flathead Electric Co-op has a robust Vegetation Management Program. Trees interfering with electric utility lines or equipment are pruned or removed on a rotating schedule. […]

Can I help save electricity in other ways during peak demand periods?

Yes, members can: Choose to use energy efficient settings such as using the air-dry mode on a dishwasher. Lower the temperature setting on the clothes washer/dryer. Run appliances during off-peak hours. Reduce heat temperature by two to three degrees in the winter months or raise air-conditioner settings by two to three degrees in the summer […]

When and how often is my water heater likely to be shut off?

Water heaters are typically shut off during peak demand periods which are from 7am to 10am on weekdays in the cooler months (September through mid-June) and 5pm to 8pm weekdays in the summer (mid-June through September), usually once per day, for less than three hours. Flathead Electric will never turn them off on Sundays or […]

Is there a cost?

No – participation in the program is voluntary and free to our members.