Flathead Electric Wood Chips Available

Flathead Electric tree maintenance crews have wood chips available for delivery to members for mulching, landscaping and other purposes.

Unlike clean white chips sometimes used in landscaping, these chips contain organic matter such as bark and pine needles. To receive wood chips, members need to have dump truck access cleared of snow and with solid ground underneath and have no overhead power lines that might conflict with raising a dump truck.

The minimum delivery size is one load (approximately 15 cubic yards). To minimize haul costs and time, crews will deliver chips, as they become available, to areas nearest their current job site. To be added to Flathead Electric’s “chip list” for future delivery, call 406-751-4428 or make an electronic request here: Free Wood Chips – Flathead Electric Cooperative

Requests expire at the end of each calendar year, so you’ll need to update your request yearly.