Flathead Electric Cooperative encourages community to participate in Pulse Project to provide life essentials for local families

Pulse Project

FEC is seeking those who would consider pledging to make a monetary donation and/or making an appointment to donate a pint of blood during their Pulse Project event, scheduled for September 13 and 14, at the Co-op. The Pulse Project was designed to support our community by achieving two goals: providing energy assistance for members in need and holding the largest American Red Cross Blood Drive in Montana history. To be successful, the Co-op will need the help of community individuals and businesses.

At Flathead Electric Cooperative, employees often encounter hardworking members struggling to pay their bills. These folks are typically experiencing a temporary financial crisis, and may not qualify for traditional low income assistance. FEC does its best to help, but as a member-owned, not-for-profit Cooperative, their resources are limited.

For example, an elderly woman visited the Co-op recently hoping to work out a payment plan. She had a history of paying her bills on time but couldn’t afford just this one month because she had to purchase new medication. Rather than make the woman choose between her electric bill and the medication, staff was able to pay her bill out of the fund that the Pulse Project will provide for. The woman left in grateful tears. The Co-op hopes that the Pulse Project will help create more happy endings like this one.

By giving to the Pulse Project or signing up as a blood donor, you’ll enable Flathead Electric to greater assist more members of our community and you may just save a life. For more information or to support the project, visit PulseProject.