Flathead Electric Cooperative awards $77,000 in scholarships to area students

Flathead Electric Cooperative is pleased to announce its 2017 Scholarship Program recipients, funded by the Co-op’s unclaimed capital credits (this money is dedicated to education).  To qualify for the scholarships, students or their parent/guardian must be members of the Co-op and they must plan on attending an accredited Montana post-secondary institution. Flathead Electric provides various scholarships to local high school students, as well as non-traditional scholarships for those members who want to further their education. FEC recognizes these students for their successful applications and dedication, and hopes this support helps them meet their educational goals. The Board of Trustees extends its best wishes to these exceptional students stating: “One of the qualities all of these scholarship winners have in common is their commitments to the community and their focus on helping others.  We are proud to be a part of their future and wish them tremendous success as they move forward to the next chapter in their lives.”

Awardees include:                                                              

Karl Dirham (Non-traditional)

Tucker Duffy (GHS)

Erin Flores (Non-traditional)

Hannah Freeman (CFHS)

Justin Gibson (GHS)

Niklaus Gier (Libby HS)

Alexis Higareda (Libby HS)

Libby Hill (GHS)

Natalie Krueger (GHS)

Diedre Leslie (BFHS)

Phyllis Lucht (Non-traditional)

Rachel Maher (GHS)

Hanna Maxwell (FHS)

Brynn McChesney (GHS)

Stephanie Milner (Non-traditional)

Nathan Moon (FHS)

Alex Naglich (FHS)

Brandon Olsen (GHS)

Julia Saunders (BFHS)

Sophia Skwarchuk (FHS)

(Basin Electric Cooperative Scholarship)

Eric Smith (Homeschool)

Braydan Thom (Libby HS)

Teigen Tremper (WFHS)

Sage Wanner (CFHS)

Zander Wold (WFHS)

Alexi Yarde (Non-traditional)