Flathead Electric Cooperative achieves significant energy savings in 2019

Flathead Electric Cooperative is pleased to report that it saved enough energy through efficiency efforts last year to energize 776 average-usage homes for a year. Energy efficiency is a valuable resource because energy savings the Co-op achieves is energy that doesn’t have to be purchased, which benefits us all. The following are examples of energy/money saving accomplishments for 2019:

Flathead Electric Co-op paid its members and program partners over $1.8 million for energy efficiency efforts that saved a combined total of 9,300 megawatt hours of electricity.

In the residential sector (which encompasses efficiency measures such as replacing heating systems, appliances, lights, windows, adding insulation and other weatherization measures), incentives totaled over $859,000 (almost double incentives paid in 2018).

In the commercial category (which primarily consists of lighting and custom projects with the Co-op’s commercial and industrial members), total incentives topped $911,000. Included in that amount were other efficiency efforts in the areas of improvements on the Co-op’s system, such as reconductoring electrical wire to prevent energy loss, which added up to over $37,000.

Since 2009, Flathead Electric’s efficiency programs have saved members and the Cooperative as-a-whole, over 109,000 megawatt hours, which is enough energy to power over 9,000 homes for a year. The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), the Co-op’s wholesale power supplier, supports Flathead Electric’s energy efficiency efforts with reimbursements for qualified energy efficiency measures for members. Additionally, Flathead Electric offers members a 3% fixed-rate loan to achieve higher efficiency in their homes.

To learn how you can save energy/money, call (406)-751-4483 and ask for our Energy Efficiency Team or visit https://www.flatheadelectric.com/save-money-save-energy/