Flathead Electric Cooperative (FEC) would like to remind members about its online outage map which provides details during power outages. Recently, the tool has been updated to make it easier for members to get information during outages, especially from their mobile devices. Due to our extreme weather events, a healthy wildlife population, and other factors, power outages are a reality in in Northwest, Montana. That’s the bad news. The good news is that FEC members can use the Co-op’s outage map to track a power outage and sign up for text updates on the cause and estimated time of restoration. 

The outage map outlines current outage locations and the number of members impacted, and details about the outages are automatically updated as new information becomes available. This also means that the information is available from anywhere, even if a member is away from home. If someone is at work, for example, and concerned about a storm situation, they can tell if the power is out in the vicinity of their residence so they can make provisions. And, if an outage is noted on the map, that means FEC dispatchers are crews are aware of the situation and working toward repairs, which is comforting information.  

The menu on the outage map also includes direct links to outage resources where members can report electrical equipment damage and learn valuable information like what to do during an outage, how power is restored following a storm, and the importance of never touching or going near downed power lines. The outage map can also be accessed directly at https://outage.flathead.coop:8181/ or by clicking on the Outage Center in the middle of the FEC homepage. To report a power outage, call 751-4449 or 1-800-406-0762. For further details on power outages or other important Co-op matters, FEC encourages members to visit their website at https://www.flatheadelectric.com.