Flathead Attaining Renewables Together

Flathead Attaining Renewables Together

April 1, 2021

We are excited to announce our newest renewable energy generation program. We realized that our Co-op members contain vast amounts of untapped methane gas which could be used to generate additional renewable energy in our area. This realization led us to develop our new program, Flathead Attaining Renewables Together (F.A.R.T).

Many of you are aware of our Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plant located at the Flathead County Landfill. Quite simply, that plant extracts the landfill gas, separates the methane, and burns it in a Caterpillar engine connected to a turbine generator to create renewable energy. This new program expands on that capability, and gives Co-op members an easy way to participate! 

How it works:


We have created and installed state of the art Vacuum Assisted Personal Extraction Receptacles (V.A.P.E.R.’s) at both our Kalispell and Libby offices. At their convenience, our members can stop by the office where the V.A.P.E.R. device will collect their methane gas.


Periodically we will send that gas via special delivery trucks to the landfill.


The methane will be injected it into the pipeline feeding the generator

The Flathead Attaining Renewables Together program (F.A.R.T.) creates an entirely new and untapped resource for renewable energy production in the Flathead Valley. With the participation of enough FEC members, this program has the capability of producing enough megawatt hours of electricity to power to power hundreds of homes in our area. 

Do your part and sign up for your methane extraction appointmentand help the Flathead attain renewables together! As a token of our appreciation, each participating member will receive a free gift — a 32 oz. can of chili!

April fools!

This is obviously a joke, and there is no such thing as the F.A.R.T. program. However, Flathead Electric Co-op does convert methane gas from garbage at the landfill into energy on a regular basis (no joke there). Read more about our Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plant!