FEC’s Free Super Saver Energy Kits Save the Day as Manufacturers Prepare for Possible LED Bulb Shortage

Flathead Electric Co-op (FEC) has announced an exciting new opportunity for members. Through June 15 (or while supplies last), members who request it, will receive a free kit containing a combination of materials designed to save money and energy (like LED bulbs, energy saving power strips, and high efficiency shower heads).

Ross Holter, FEC’s Director of Member and Energy Services, says choosing to give out the free kits is a matter of principle for the Co-op, because they will equate to providing members/ratepayers a return on their money.

“FEC pays a certain amount for energy efficiency through our wholesale power rates with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), and the BPA has programs that encourage customers to use energy-saving technology by providing rebates and other funding incentives. If FEC didn’t utilize those funds for efficiency projects in its service territory, they would be diverted to other areas across the Northwest.”

An additional benefit to the program is helping members stock up on LED bulbs when indications are that the demand for them could soon surpass the supply. Light emitting diode (LED) products create light very efficiently by passing an electrical current through a semiconductor. This means that the same global semiconductor chip shortage that is causing headaches and inventory shortages for automobile and cell phone manufacturers also impacts the production of LEDs. Holter says stores around the nation are already starting to see holes in their shelves where LED bulbs used to be.

“Although we aren’t seeing it locally yet, the supplier FEC partnered with for these kits is reporting that there’s already little to no inventory available from major national suppliers, so we are very thrilled that we got them into production for our members when we did.”

For more information, or to order your free Super Saver Energy Efficiency kit, go to www.flatheadelectric.com/supersaverkits or call 406-751-4483.