FEC offering a month of free electricity to participating member

Flathead Electric Co-op is inviting members to help them celebrate meeting the halfway mark of their Peak Time Rebate Program. This important energy efficiency program offers participating members a $4 per month credit on their electric bill. FEC installs a free unit on your electric water heater and during peak periods of energy use, they turn your water heater off for a short period of time (which participants typically never even notice). The initial goal was 5,000 participants, and the Co-op now has 2,500 people taking advantage of the program. As a “Halfway Celebration,” they will be paying someone’s electric bill for the month of July.

There are two ways to enter the drawing. If you are a member of the Co-op and you have an electric water heater at your primary residence, you are eligible to sign up for the Peak Time Rebate Program. Anyone who signs up for the Peak Time Rebate Program in June will automatically be entered into the drawing.

If you’re already a program participant or you don’t have an electric water heater, refer another member. If they sign up in the month of June, FEC will enter both of you into the drawing (just make sure they mention your name when asked how they heard about the program.)

The more Peak Time participants there are, the more Flathead Electric’s system demand is reduced, and the more money they get to return to their participating members. To join in the “Halfway Celebration” and sign up for the Peak Time Rebate Program, call 751-1834, or go to PeakTime/Save48.