FEC 2017 Trustee Election Results

Reconvening the Annual Meeting April 10, the Board of Trustees for Flathead Electric Co-op announced election results. Ballots were due at the office of auditing firm, JCCS, by April 7, 2017. Flathead Electric received certification from CPA, Tony Vanorny, at JCCS that a total of 6,803 ballots were received, which was up from 4,838 ballots received in 2016.

Four seats on the Flathead Electric Board of Trustees were up for election this year. Candidates had to be members of the Co-op and live in the district they sought election to represent.

The certification stated that incumbent Trustees Duane Braaten (District 6-West Valley, Marion), and Gary Boe (District 7-Kalispell, South of Highway 2) ran unopposed and were reelected to the Board, receiving 5,967 and 5,830 respectively. Jerry Bygren (District 8-Bigfork), unseated incumbent Paul Holland by receiving 3,684 votes to Holland’s 2,750. Earl Messick (District 9-Libby) did not seek reelection, so the Board welcomed new Trustee Terry Crooks of Libby, who ran unopposed and received 5,896 votes.

FEC wants to thank Paul Holland, who was first elected to the board in 2000 and Earl Messick, elected in 2002, for their many years of service as Trustees.  They have served our members with honor and distinction and we truly appreciate their hard work and dedication. The Board and staff also wish to extend a sincere thank you to those who voted and encourage members to continue to stay involved with the future success of Flathead Electric Cooperative.