How much electricity does each panel produce?

Each panel equates to 285 watts of installed solar power which is projected to produce 359 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually. This projection is calculated based on our experience with our existing solar demonstration array and others in our service territory, but will vary slightly year to year. At our current mid-tier residential energy […]

How do I purchase a panel?

The first array of 356 panels in the Solar Utility Network (SUN) is sold out. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for a potential second phase of the project, please call us at 406-751-1875.

What are the benefits of the SUN Program?

Flathead Electric’s SUN Program provides an easy and affordable way for members to participate in a solar energy project and support renewable energy development. Participants receive a monthly credit on their electric bill for the electricity generated by their portion of the project.

Who is participating in the SUN Program?

All Flathead Electric members (anyone who pays a bill to Flathead Electric) were invited to participate by purchasing panels. Participants range from businesses and nonprofit groups to individual households.

Can solar power work in Kalispell?

Yes. Flathead Electric Cooperative members are adding solar power each year. Even as far north as we are, our area receives similar solar exposure to Germany, the world’s leader in solar energy. We have had a small residential size solar array at our headquarters since 2009 demonstrating that solar works in our service territory.