Get yourself a fan

Installing and using an ENERGY STAR ceiling fan to circulate the air can lower both your heating and cooling costs. Be sure to run the fan on reverse during the winter to push warm air down off the ceiling.

Take advantage of your landscaping

You probably know that trees help improve air quality and enhance the appearance of your property and neighborhood. You may not realize that trees planted properly can reduce your heating and air conditioning needs. Trees planted as windbreaks will protect your home from winter winds and reduce your heating needs by 10-40%. For help with […]

Seal your furnace ductwork

Unsealed heating ducts that are under mobile homes, in attics, or in un-insulated crawlspaces cause comfort issues and may direct your heat to the outdoors. Duct sealing can save you up to 20% of the electric heating portion of your bill. Flathead Electric offers a rebate to help seal your ductwork.

Keep it clean

A furnace with a dirty filter has to work harder to get the comfy warm air into your home. Check filters preferably every month but at least twice during the heating season.

Use a smart thermostat

For optimal heating efficiency, convenience, comfort, and energy savings install learning thermostat.  These thermostats learn your preference for temperatures in your home and work to meet them while saving you on heating costs by finding ways to operate your heating system less.

Air Seal your home

Air sealing is one of the most significant energy efficiency improvements you can make to your home. Before improving your insulation make sure you have sealed it properly.  Call FEC to learn more. Weather-stripping: Make sure your exterior windows and doors fit tightly with good weather-stripping.  This will help reduce cold drafts in the winter […]

Insulate your home properly

Proper insulation will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and more comfortable! Call FEC to discuss how much to install for an efficient home, find out if you could qualify for a rebate to upgrade your insulation, or learn about tax credits for upgrading. Attics: Attics are usually the […]