Why wouldn’t I just purchase a panel on my own?

To install a system of your own you would need to purchase the panels, racking system, inverter, and connecting equipment. In addition, you would have the installation expense and ongoing maintenance. Also, you would need an unshaded southfacing roof or a suitable location for a pole mounted system. And, it usually is not feasible to take it […]

How is the credit to my utility bill determined?

Due to the fact that your solar panel is part of a larger array that shares one production meter, your bill will be credited back at a pro-rata portion of the entire array’s production. If you are able to utilize the individual income tax credit the financial scenario would look like this: Initial investment $750 […]

Can I take the solar electricity benefits with me if I move?

Yes, but only if you move within FEC’s service territory and continue to receive an electric bill from us; you may transfer all the solar benefits to your new account. If you move out of FEC’s service area, you can designate another FEC member to receive the benefits.

Is my payment for solar unit(s) eligible for a tax credit?

Based on language contained in the Internal Revenue Service’s Notice 2013-70 dated November 18, 2013 it appears that participation in a community solar program may be an expense that is eligible for a federal tax deduction if there is a tax obligation. However federal and state tax law is very complex and often changes. You should consult […]

How do customers pay for their panels?

Each $750 panel can be paid for in advance or we can add the 12 monthly payments of $62.50 to your bill. We accept cash, checks, and or debit/credit cards.

How do I enroll?

Participants will be enrolled on a first come first served basis beginning Nov. 5, 2018. Members having an interest in participating can sign up by completing the application and emailing it to Penny Brambrink, in-person at Flathead Electric’s Kalispell office, or by calling 406-751-1875.

How much electricity will each panel produce?

Each $750 panel is projected to produce 373 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually. This projection is calculated based on our experience with our existing solar array and others in our service territory, but will vary slightly year to year. At FEC’s current mid-tier residential energy rate of $0.0799 the annual total of the monthly […]