Meter Consolidation

Flathead Electric Cooperative developed the Meter Consolidation Loan Program to assist members who currently have multiple meters at one location and would like to consolidate to just one meter.

  • We will loan you up to $2,000 for eligible expenses associated with your project.
  • This is a 0% interest loan with a maximum term of 48 months.

Example of how it works

In this example you would have 40 monthly payments, or you could choose to pay it back more quickly.

  • You have 2 meters:

    • one on your house is residential with the associated monthly basic charge.
    • In addition, you have a meter on your pump house, shop, garage, etc., which is general service with a higher monthly basic charge.
    • You may be able to eliminate the Co-op’s service at the second meter and feed that location from your house meter.
    • If the cost to remove the second meter provide and service from the house meter is $1,200 we would loan you that amount and you could pay it back at the minimum monthly payment of $30.00.

Details and terms:

  • Maximum Loan Amount: Total of project cost but no more than $2,000. (You must provide receipts.)
  • Interest Rate: 0%.
  • Minimum Payment: $30.00
  • Maximum Term: 48 months
  • Funding level: 200,000 available on a first come first served basis.
  • Timetable: Calendar year 2011.

For more information see our Meter Consolidation Loan Program Form (PDF) or contact our staking department at 406-751-4495.