Free LED Bulb Program

Free LED Light Bulbs

Starting in July, for any residential FEC member who requests it, the Co-op will mail out a free efficiency kit containing up to eight LED (Light Emitting Diode) light bulbs. This program will be available until September 15 or while supplies last, so FEC members who would like to receive free LED bulbs need to order them at their earliest convenience.

LEDs are the bulb of choice in the electric industry because of their many advantages. Here are just a few:

  • LEDs last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs.
  • LEDs put out the same light, but use 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Because LEDs generate less heat, they have a higher safety rating.
  • LEDs offer a more natural quality of light, which makes for a more comfortable and appealing environment.
  • Replacing just one incandescent bulb that runs 10 hours per day saves you almost $15 per year – and that’s just one bulb!

The A19 LED bulbs FEC members will receive are 800 lumens (equivalent to 60 watts), warm white and dimmable, and are estimated to last 15,000 hours. Read full Energy Star bulb specs>


  • Kits will only be shipped to residential addresses in Flathead Electric Cooperative’s service territory.
  • One kit per residential household.
  • Offer open until September 15, 2019 or while supplies last.
  • Please allow up to 15 business days for delivery.

I want my free bulbs!

Note: This program helps the Co-op meet the federal efficiency requirements set by The Bonneville Power Administration. Your Co-op pays a certain amount for energy efficiency through our wholesale power rates. If Flathead Electric doesn’t utilize those funds for efficiency projects in our service area each year, those dollars get used in other areas across the northwest. Offering these free energy kits ensures that we are good stewards of our members’ money, and directly benefits FEC members by giving them access to free LED bulbs which provides them with an easy way to use energy more efficiently.