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Meet Kyla Tomlin — Graphic Design Intern, FVCC

Q. What does a Graphic Design intern do for the Co-op?

A. I worked primarily under Sharilyn Fairweather, another graphic designer from FVCC who is now approaching her sixth year as the Co-op’s Multimedia Design Specialist. I helped re-design the Annual Meeting, which became the NEW Annual Meeting & Energy Expo while I was interning. I created advertisements, handouts, and the Guidebook to the event.

Q. What was the best part of your internship?

A. In addition to design work, I created a video for the Roundup for Safety booth at the Energy Expo, and reviewed pictures of so many great safety projects. I especially like the funding that supported a summer camp’s need for safer climbing equipment for kids!

Q. What’s your favorite thing about living in the Co-op’s service area? 

A. I’m from Charlo, and I have loved living here in Kalispell because there is so much to do! There are many lakes and trails, and tons of people that are into exploring them. I really enjoy a lot of those people, they’re inspiring to be around.

Want to see some of Kyla’s work?

Among other fabulous projects for the Co-op, Kyla created this great video showcasing your 2023 Roundup for Safety stats and project highlights—check it out!

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