Co-op Announces 2021 Energy Efficiency Savings

Flathead Electric Cooperative reports that in 2021 members saved enough energy through efficiency efforts to energize 768 average-use homes for a year. Since 2009, the Co-op’s efficiency programs have saved members, and the Co-op as a whole, over 124,981 megawatt hours. That’s enough energy to power 8,846 homes for a year.

Co-op members can directly save energy—and money—by adopting energy conservation habits and installing efficient appliances and heating systems in their homes. Flathead Electric Cooperative can also assist members in identifying where their homes may be losing energy and how to proceed with needed upgrades.

In 2021, members and program partners were paid a total of $1,725,479 for energy efficiency efforts that saved a combined total of 10,766 megawatt hours of electricity. Residential rebates (i.e., heat pumps, insulation) totaled $1,228,167. Commercial rebates (i.e., custom lighting projects) totaled $497,312.

Residential rebates are available for:

  • HVAC (heat pumps, thermostats, duct sealing)
  • Weatherization (insulation upgrades, window replacements)
  • Appliances (Energy Star washers and dryers)
  • New Construction (“Montana Home,” manufactured home incentives)
  • Water Heating (heat pump water heater)

The Co-op’s commitment to residential energy efficiency efforts extends to assisting members with low interest, fixed rate loans to make efficiency upgrades. To qualify for an upgrade loan, the upgrade itself must qualify for a rebate. Loan eligible upgrades include:

  • Heat Pump
  • Water Heater
  • Windows
  • Insulation

On the commercial side, the Co-op supports energy efficiency efforts in lighting, HVAC, insulation, windows, commercial kitchen and food service equipment, plug load, and commercial new construction and building design.

To learn more about residential and commercial energy efficiency efforts and opportunities, call the Energy Services Department at 406-751-4483 or visit the Co-op’s website: