Charlotte Housel appointed new Trustee for Flathead Electric Co-op

Charlotte Housel has been appointed to serve on Flathead Electric Co-op’s (FEC) Board of Trustees. With the regrettable passing of District #2 Trustee, Emery Smith, the Board accepted applications for a new representative to serve that district until the next annual meeting in 2021, at which time a Trustee will be elected by the members.   

A Selection Committee, consisting of three Trustees and three members at-large from District #2 (which includes Creston, Lower Valley, Somers, Lakeside, Rollins, and Cooke City) chose Housel from the 10 members who submitted applications to recommend as Trustee, which the board then approved. Housel is Executive Director of the ImagineIF Library Foundation. She lives in Somers with her husband Jonathan and son Arthur. Housel says she looks forward to serving.

“I applied for the Trustee position because I am proud and impressed by the work of the FEC Board and their commitment to the community. I am honored to represent the members.