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Can I Take My Tesla to Mexico?

Electric vehicle early adopter and enthusiast Wade Harris recently retired from Flathead Electric Cooperative after nearly 28 years. His first goal in retirement: driving his Tesla Model 3 from Montana to Mexico! Can he take his Tesla to Mexico City? Let’s find out! This is the first entry of a six-part series written by Wade. […]

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It was peppy!

Ken and Polly Peterson were one of the lucky winners from our 2020 Virtual EV Day and were able to check out the all-electric Leaf for two weeks.  In their words, it was “peppy, convenient and gave a great perspective on what it would be like to own an electric vehicle.”

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A Quiet City

A Quiet City:  Sadness gave way to Thoughts of a Happy Electric Future Recently I was walking my dogs around the neighborhood in the twilight before sunset.  Suddenly I was jolted by the echoing boom of a train coupling at the depot a dozen blocks away.  It seemed loud and so much closer.  Then I […]