Can I Take My Tesla To Mexico? Viva Mexico City!

Spanish Aqueduct remnant, Mexico City

Electric vehicle early adopter and enthusiast Wade Harris recently retired from Flathead Electric Cooperative after nearly 28 years. His first goal in retirement: driving his Tesla Model 3 from Montana to Mexico! Can he take his Tesla to Mexico City? Let’s find out! This is the sixth and final entry of the series written by Wade.

Entry 6 – Arriving in Mexico City

I MADE IT TO MEXICO CITY! It can be done in a Tesla! When someone tells you electric cars aren’t good for road trips, now you know better! When someone tells you it takes too long to charge, now you know better!

This is the last leg to get to CDMX.  I charged at a fast charger at a Galería in CDMX so I would have a strong charge while parked at the hotel for 10 days and be able to drive if necessary.  I bypassed the Supercharger at San Juan del Río.

This city is the heartbeat of Mexico.  Many things to see and do. And so much good food to eat. Here are a few of the sights:

Museo de Arte

Museo de Arte, Mexico City

Catedral de México

Catedral de México, Mexico City

Remnant of the Spanish Aqueduct

The Aqueduct was built in the early 1500s and was originally 5 km long. It brought drinking water to the city. View as seen from my hotel room.

Spanish Aqueduct, Mexico City

Por Siempre Tacos al Pastor

This part of Mexico is known for al Pastor tacos!

al pastor tacos, Mexico City

Ruins of Aztec Temple in Zócalo Central Square

This Temple was torn down by the Spaniards to provide materials to build the Catedral, pictured above.

Ruins of Aztec Temple in Zócalo Central Square, Mexico City

Overview of taking my Tesla from Montana to Mexico City

The following is an accounting of my trip to Mexico City. Note that I definitely took the scenic route, which added another three drive days. Also note that I did charge extra at several stops, to allow for additional little trips to restaurants and the like.

  • Drive 1 – Bigfork to Billings, 6.8 hours including 35 minutes charging (overnight charging in Billings)
  • Drive 2 – Billings to Fort Collins, CO, 7.8 hours including 45 minutes charging
  • Drive 3 – Fort Collins, CO to Amarillo, TX, 8.5 hours including 55 minutes charging
  • Drive 4 – Amarillo, TX to Austin, TX (via Dallas), 9.7 hours including 70 minutes charging
  • Drive 5 – Austin, TX to San Antonio, TX, 1.2 hours, no charging
  • Drive 6 – San Antonio, TX to Laredo, TX, 3.5 hours including 30 minutes charging
  • Drive 7 – Laredo, TX to Matehuala, SLP, Mexico, 6.4 hours including 50 minutes charging (not including time spent at Border Crossing)
  • Drive 8 – Matehuala, SLP to Guadalajara, JAL, 7.3 hours including 40 minutes charging
  • Drive 9 – Guadalajara, JAL to Ajijic, JAL, 0.7 hours (overnight charging in Ajijic)
  • Drive 10 – Ajijic, JAL to Guanajuato, GTO, 3.8 hours including 30 minutes charging
  • Drive 11 – Guanajuato, GTO to San Miguel de Allende, GTO, 1.1 hours (overnight charging in SMA)
  • Drive 12 – San Miguel de Allende, GTO to Mexico City, CMX, 3.8 hours including 30 minutes charging

In conclusion: can I take my Tesla to Mexico? I sure did, and you sure can!

!Que te diviertas! Thanks for following my electric vehicle road trip. If you’d like to learn more about electric vehicles, please visit the Co-op’s website. For now, buenas noches.


Read the first entry of this series here. This is the last entry of the series, but maybe one day Wade will take Flathead Electric Co-op — and his Tesla — on a new adventure. For now, you can follow Wade’s adventures on Instagram @wade_406.