Can I Take My Tesla to Mexico? Visiting Ajijic

Ajijic Hotel Lindo EV charger

Electric vehicle early adopter and enthusiast Wade Harris recently retired from Flathead Electric Cooperative after nearly 28 years. His first goal in retirement: driving his Tesla Model 3 from Montana to Mexico! Can he take his Tesla to Mexico City? Let’s find out! This is the fourth entry of a six-part series written by Wade.

Entry 4 – Ajijic Adventures

Next up, I’m visiting Ajijic (pronounced Awe-He-Heek).  This town is an hour south of Guadalajara, on the north shore of Lake Chápala, and is very popular with retired snowbirds from the US, including a couple I know from Bigfork, Montana. I quickly see why.

Ajijic is not a big town (smaller than Kalispell, Montana) but it’s on the water and has a great bicycle path that goes for many miles. There are also fantastic restaurants and the weather is just ideal. The elevation is 6,000 feet. In March, daytime highs are in the 70’s F and in the low 50’s F at night. Probably most important: the cost of living here is much less. Nearly all the locals speak quite a bit of English because there are so many people from the States here.


Ajijic Tesla Charger

I’m staying at Hotel Lindo Ajijic. I decided to stay here because they have a Tesla charger.  This is the same type of charger you would install in your garage if you wanted something more permanent at home. The voltage is low here — just 190 volts — but 48 amps is great. The resulting output charged my car from 30% up to 90% in about 4.5 hours.

Hotel Lindo Ajijic, Mexico


How did I find this charger?  An app called PlugShare.  From there I just looked up the hotel online.  I didn’t actually book until I looked at the charger and verified the situation, since I was the first to report using the location, and the first to add photos. Trust, but verify, am I right?

EV charger, Ajijic, Mexico

It’s notable that the road getting up to the hotel is rough, with primitive cobblestones, and the parking for the charger is super tight. I backed in from the street to get into the spot.

Next, I’m planning to head over to Guanajuato.  It’s a place with lots of history and culture, and I can’t wait!


Read the first entry here and the next entry here. You can follow Wade’s adventures on Instagram @wade_406. If you’d like to learn more about electric vehicles, please visit the Co-op’s website