Residential Demand Charge Bill Calculator

The revenue neutral (0% increase) rate adjustment for residential members will be effective in June 2020, and will include the following changes:

  • Energy Charge = Reduced kWh charge
  • Demand Charge = Increased kW charge based on highest usage during FEC’s peak hours
  • Basic Charge = No Change

Some residential members will pay a little less, and some will pay a little more, depending on the demand they require during peak periods. Our rate calculator will let you see exactly how this new rate structure will impact your bill.

How to use the calculator:

  1. Use any of your FEC bills issued between March 2019 and May 2020.
  2. Find your kWh usage and Peak Demand listed on your bill, and enter those figures into the top two fields below.
  3. Click “Calclulate.”
  4. In the table below, you’ll see how you’re currently billed, as well as what your new bill amount would be with the new rate structure.


Energy Charge Details: FEC’s energy charge (the amount billed for each kilowatt hour (kWh) consumed) will decrease by 1.2% for the first 0-600 kWh, 2.4% for the next 601-3500 kWh, and 2.4% for 3501 kWh and above.

For more information, visit Residential Rate Change Overview.


  1. This calculator is for residential single phase service only. If you have a three phase service, add $12.57 to the basic charge. 
  2. Cooke City members are not subject to the residential demand charge.