Flex Pay Program

Flex Pay

What is Flex Pay?

Flex Pay is an alternative billing option that lets you take charge of your energy budget. With Flex Pay, you pre-pay for electricity. You control when and how much you pay, and your Flex Pay account balance is deducted as you use energy.

What are the benefits?

Flex Pay participants avoid paper bills and late fees, and are not subject to deposits or connection fees. You can track your usage and account balance, so you’ll always know where you are within your budget, and you can add any amount of money to your electrical account at any time that’s convenient for you. Read the full Terms of Service.

How do I get started?

Contact Flathead Electric Cooperative to enroll. A minimum electricity purchase of $50 is required to start (smaller payments are accepted after you enroll). If you are already a member, your account must be paid in full up to your Flex Pay start date.

Read the Flex Pay Terms of Service >

How to set up alerts and make payments >