A Tesla’s Trek: NW Montana to Salt Lake (Day 4)

Tesla Trek - Billings to Salt Lake Route

By: Wade Harris, FEC Research Analyst

I left Billings, MT at 4 a.m. to travel 555 miles to Salt Lake. My app told me i could pass the first Tesla Supercharger:

Tesla Trek - pass supercharger

This is the Bozeman Supercharger. Aren’t I clever to capture the gas station in the background? I crack myself up! And wrap your head around a 120 KW charge rate — that’s a 475 miles an hour charge!

Tesla Trek - Bozeman supercharger

Welcome to Yellowstone Park! A bison wreck would ruin my whole day.

Tesla Trek - Bison

The Idaho Falls, ID Supercharger is behind Bill’s Bike and Run. Electric bikes are big business for them now. They had at least a dozen different flavors in stock! I brought my own electric bike along to play with.

Tesla Trek - Electric bike

I made it to Salt Lake! Tesla is servicing my Model 3 right now. They will be done by 5 p.m.