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Utility Education Opportunity for Co-op Members

Last year's participant and Co-op Member, Reggie Good, said, "Absolutely!" when asked if he recommends the Today's Members Program to other FEC members.

"Yes, I learned a lot of things about what's necessary to turn the lights on at home," explained Reggie, Flathead Electric member and Lakeside resident. Reggie and his wife, Barbara attended the Today's Member Program offered by Montana Electric Cooperatives' Association (MECA) in Great Falls last October.

Reggie recently stopped by the Co-op to visit with us regarding the event. "Electricity is a hot topic right now - especially as it relates to green, renewable energy and using electricity more efficiently," he said.

Flathead Electric is again sponsoring a married couple or a single individual to attend an all expense paid trip to this year's program on October 2 & 3 in Great Falls. If you are interested, please contact us. The program features presentations and discussions about the history and future of electric cooperatives. Rural electric members from Co-ops across the state have attended this valuable program for years.

"Last year," Reggie stated, "we learned how hard the co-ops work for their members to keep the rates down. So many others are advocating for or against the co-ops. The (financial) impact is very dramatic and tied directly to the light switch."

"My impression about my Co-op, Flathead Electric, is more favorable now. I'm paying more attention to my Co-op," he remarked. Recounting a personal experience with Flathead Electric, "I remember the statement made by Co-op staff that our power would be more reliable once the Lakeside substation was on line. That is a promise kept!" said Reggie.

The most interesting aspect of the program for him was reinforcing the cooperative concept of community. "Many people in the area are not familiar with the Co-op concept. I learned how exceptionally hard Flathead Electric works to provide reliable power at reasonable rates."

We appreciate and thank Reggie for sharing his time with us. His thoughts of the Today's Member Program and increased interest in this electric cooperative are "absolute" proof of an informed member. If you want to participate in this years program in Great Falls, please call Mike Radel at 751-4429.

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Roundup for Safety


Roundup for Safety

Applications Received
& Approved

Evergreen Elementary School
P.A. System$4,707.95
Cayuse Prairie School
Immanual Lutheran
Security Doors$8,706.00
Kalispell Fire Department
Fire Repression Educaiton$2,260.00
Hockaday Center
Fire Suppression and Alarm System$7,000.00

4 Applications

Roundup For Safety is a voluntary program for FEC members.

Participating members allow their electric bills to be rounded up to the next dollar, with the extra money going into a fund for community safety projects.

Applications from non-profit groups are considered each month by a board of directors representing each Co-op district.

For information and application forms, call 751-4483 in Kalispell and 293-7122 in Libby.

Updated: Tuesday, June 26, 2007