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Roundup for Safety

If you have a safety hazard in your neighborhood, Flathead Electric’s Roundup for Safety program may be able to help. Roundup for Safety’s board of directors evaluates applications and awards grants to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations to help pay for life-safety projects throughout our service territory.

Funds for the program come from Cooperative members who participate by allowing their monthly bills to be rounded up to the next dollar. The average cost for each participating member is about $8 per year. Roundup for Safety asks you to look for neighborhood projects to consider.

If you find a safety problem that needs fixing, Roundup for Safety could be the answer. Apply online or pick up an application at the Cooperative offices in Libby or Kalispell.

Roundup for Safety awards grants to non-profit groups throughout the Cooperative’s service area to help pay for safety-related projects. Participating members allow their monthly bills to be “rounded up” to the nearest dollar, with the extra money going into a fund administered by an independent board of directors. Since 1997, the program has awarded more than $3,000,000 to organizations supporting over 900 projects

Grant applications are available at Cooperative offices in Kalispell and Libby and here, online.

For more information, call Mike Radel at 751-4429.

Roundup For Safety Board Members

Donna Ryan
District 1 - Columbia Falls to Essex
Started in 2006
Holly Brosten
District 2 - Lower Valley
Started in 2013
Deborah Schmidt
District 3 - Whitefish
Started in 2008
Leslie Bales
District 4 - Helena Flats
Started in 2012
Wayne Saverud
District 5 - North Kalispell
Started in 2006
Rex Harris
District 6 - West Valley
Started in 2013
Celinda English
District 7 - South Kalispell
Started in 2007
Jerry Bygren
District 8 - Bigfork
Started in 2012
Terry Crooks
District 9 - Director Libby
Started in 2013

Updated: Thursday, April 07, 2016