Residential Energy Fix Loan Program


FEC values residential energy efficiency.  As part of this commitment we offer low interest fixed rate loans to aid our members in achieving higher energy efficiency in their homes.  In order to be eligible for a loan the insulation, window, or heat pump project must be eligible for a FEC rebate.

Instructions: All necessary paperwork is located in the links above.

  1. Review Eligibility Sheets or contact a Trade Ally for eligibility.
  2. Read Terms and Conditions of Energy Fix Participation Application.
  3. Solicit bids from Trade Allies for proposed work, FEC recommends obtaining 2-3 bids . Heat Pump and Window Loans require minimum R38 attic insulation in the home. Attics with less than R38 are required to upgrade if feasible.
  4. Submit completed Energy Fix Loan Application with chosen bid(s) to FEC. Window and Insulation bids must be on FEC Uniform Bid Sheet.
  5. A FEC representative will contact Owner(s) within two weeks of receiving completed paperwork with approval, denial, a request for additional information, or request for inspection. Eligibility Criteria:
    1. The project qualifies for a rebate.
    2. Owner(s) account is current. No past due balances or outstanding payment arrangements.
    3. Owner(s) FEC Credit Rating. Approval requires 9 points or less within the last 12 months.
    4. Owners(s) Credit Score. Approval requires scores above 600.
  6. Owner(s) shall execute an Energy Fix Loan Agreement (included with financing authorization letter.)
  7. Pay the 1% administration fee to set up the loan (maximum of $50.)
  8. FEC shall issue a letter to the Trade Ally authorizing commencement of work.
  9. Work is completed within three months of issuance of approval letter according to FEC Energy Fix Program requirements.
  10. Trade Ally submits all applicable documentation to FEC or appropriate oversight company.
  11. Check is mailed to Trade Ally(s) once the completed project is approved by FEC.
  12. Monthly loan payment becomes a line item cost on your next month's bill.

**If you fill out a loan application it is NOT necessary to fill out a rebate application for the same items.**

Additional Resources: Wondering what the best strategies are to upgrade your home’s thermal envelope (the part that keeps the cold out in the winter)?  This is a list of code and building science resources with schematics for more durable and healthier residential energy efficiency retrofits.

Questions? Call 406-751-5291.

Submit all application and bids to:
David Bopp
2510 U.S. Highway 2 East
Kalispell, MT 59901

Or Fax to 406-751-4413
Or .

Updated: Thursday, April 07, 2016