Electric Water Heater Demand Response Program
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Earn Monthly Rebate Credits!

The cost of providing electricity during peak periods is continuing to increases. With membersí growing concerns about rising retail rates Flathead Electric Cooperative has an opportunity to empower its members in helping Flathead implement the most cost-effective and member friendly way to reduce the amount of peak power needed to serve them.

While members may not lower their overall energy usage, they will help by lowering usage at critical peak periods reducing power supply expenditures for members and Flathead as a whole.    Flatheadís Water Heater Demand Response Program is focused on installing equipment in members homes at no cost to them that will help the Co-op reduce peak time demand costs and give the member opportunity to gain a monthly participation credit on each bill.

The Co-op is now looking for residential and small business volunteers in the Flathead and Lincoln County service areas. Members who rent their residence or small business location are also eligible to participate

Updated: Monday, December 29, 2014